Nathaniel Fitzwilliam Archibald, but my friends and everyone else usually just call me Nate, N, or Nathaniel.

I'm an 20 years old, living in Manhattan, and attending classes at Columbia University with my two best friends; Chuck, Serena, Blair.

Editor-in-Chief for “The NY Spectators” and currently under his grandfather’s guidance, following the Vanderbilt legacy on politics.

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Nathaniel Archibald | 5x11 - The End Of The Affair



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Hey Nate, it’s nice to meet you too. I’m pretty good, thanks. How’re you?

I’m doing really fine today, thanks. What college or high school do you go to? Cause I Haven’t seen you around before where I go. I attend Columbia University, that’s in Manhattan, New York, if you didn’t know already :)

›› 9 Favorite Pictures [★]↳ Chace Crawford || asked by lebagronese

›› 9 Favorite Pictures []
Chace Crawford || asked by lebagronese

Good morning all. Blair Waldorf here




Hey Blair, what’s up?

For once, nothing. And you Mr Archibald?

Nothing really, just chilling..


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So I finally finished French Class today. Wonder where should I go and hangout?

Maybe you should come hang out with me then?

Hmm, this seems rather odd. You all of a suddenly being so awfully nice to me since I got back Manhattan? What’s the deal? I thought you wanted me to disappear like Blair did?

I’m not Blair though, Jenny.  I never wanted you to disappear. You didn’t even say goodbye to me before you left…

 You told me to leave you alone. So I did…I thought it was the best thing I did after I did you wrong.

I know what I last said to you, but still…you should have said something. I thought I was your friend, and I deserved at least an goodbye before you left Manhattan, or an phone call from you.

I don’t know…I really didn’t want too.

Alright then…


Columbia University || Nate & Jenny


Jenny strode her eyes as if planning for her great escape. She didn’t really want to see anyone from her past not especially Nate. She left Manhattan for good, in an attempt to reformed herself and be on exile as her conscience was eating her up for all the horrid stuff she had done in the past to her old friends and Nate wasn’t an exception, Jenny had done horrible stuff to him and and mislead him several times, conniving schemes to ruin his relationship with everyone he was in relationship with Vanessa and even joined forces with Juliet, also an old fling of his to put down Serena.  Looking back at how she was then she couldn’t really believe that girl was her. But allot had happen since she left New York.

Jenny hadn’t known anything that had been going on in Manhattan, she convinced herself that she wouldn’t harbor anything with her when she left New York for good. She wanted a clean slate in London and forget the old life she had. And she did, and now she is back. She knew she had to face her nightmares once and for all, the nightmare of facing her old friends and family. And more over that Nate, the only person who trusted her and was always there for her but in the end she forsake him too.

“Hey back!” Jenny replied softly. She didn’t noticed she crumpled the piece of paper in her hand which was scribbled with the code for her locker and dismissively retort back at Nate. “The locker door won’t open. I think the administrator handed me the wrong code.” She continued and paused to think of what she was going to say next. “Well….” She feigned for a second and trailed off. “I though the same thing but apparently..I’m back. I met a friend in London and she badly needs me now so, I decided to come home. Besides I miss my brother and my dad. It’s been so long. Nice seeing you after all this time.” Jenny mused.   

Nate looked at Jenny and leaned against the locker next to the one she was trying to get to open, as he started listening to her explaining to him why she’s back in Manhattan, New York. “I’m sure your brother misses you alot aswell, he talked about you sometimes to me. Good things only, of course. I’m sure Rufus missed you, too.” He paused and thought for a second before he continued talking. ”And.. I sorta missed you alot while you were away.” He admitted to Jenny, but hoping she didn’t really hear him.

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